This site was started to spotlight a polygraph tests usage in Republic of Lithuania

       Republic of Lithuania is probably the only country in the world having The Law on Polygraph Use (2000.08.29 No.VIII-1906). The Law on Polygraph Use prohibit the use of polygraph test in private sector. And this fact can not be left without attention.
       As a private person I have quite limited possibilities to make influence on authorities but I will make every effort to prove the government people that polygraph tests are rather useful than harmful.
       The only thing I want to achieve with help of this web page is to attract attention of the society and members of the Seimas to the fact that CERTAIN business activities that are legal in the most modern countries are proscribed in the Republic of Lithuania.
       I have NO MATERIAL INTEREST in changing The Law on Polygraph Use. I just want to delete one more unreasonable restriction to business in general.
       I has contacted many persons who were somehow responsible for passing the bill of Law on Polygraph Use. It was very interesting to hear from them why usage of the polygraph tests in private sector were prohibited in Republic of Lithuania.
       The reasons started from the standards that one country has to achieve when entering NATO (Lithuania was preparing for this in period when The Law on Polygraph Use was passed in Seimas) and ended with the fear that if polygraph tests be allowed this may even cause a disturbances among the employees fearing to be asked to pass a polygraph test by employer. Funny, isn't it?  Any way the decision to pass The Law on Polygraph Use as it is now was made and forgotten.
       But time goes by and the situation is changing very quickly in the world. I believe that the society of Lithuania would accept the amendment of The Law of Polygraph Use calmly and with understanding.
Only 9 words have to be added to the first article of the Law on Polygraph Use to let the polygraph test services to be started in Republic of Lithuania.

       These words are:
"2. This law is not determining usage of polygraph tests in private sector."
"2. Šis įstatymas nenustato poligrafo naudojimo tvarkos privačioje ūkinėje veikloje."

       And these 9 words were even presenting in The Project of the Law on Polygraph Use (2000.02.15, P-2251(2)), presented to Seimas by respected member of Seimas - Juozapas Algirdas Katkus.
       But these 9 words were deleted after the revision of the Project of the Law on Polygraph Use by the advisers in law questions of  His Excellency The President of Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus. With, actually, no comments, why?

       I am concerned about the situation that caused the change in the Project of the Law on Polygraph Use.
       I even do believe that the change of The Project of the  Law on Polygraph Use, approved by President, was against the article No. 46 of  The Constitution of Republic of Lithuania, that is saying:

"1) Lithuania's economy shall be based on the right to private ownership, freedom of individual economic activity, and initiative.
2) The State shall support economic efforts and initiative which are useful to the community.
3) The State shall regulate economic activity so that it serves the general welfare of the people.
4) The law shall prohibit monopolization of production and the market, and shall protect freedom of fair competition.
5) The State shall defend the interests of the consumers."

       It looks ridiculous when the private activity like astrology has a legal status of business in Republic of Lithuania, and according to the above mentioned article of The Constitution "serves the general welfare of the people". But polygraphology is proscribed, despite the facts that huge amount of money are saved every year with help of polygraph tests all over the world.

       And at last everyone who has decided to have polygraph test services can obtain these services not far abroad. Usually in Russia.

Lying is done with words and also with silence. Adrienne Rich